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  1. Unlimited Membership

    Unlimited soaking 7 days a week.

    Access to 19 hot spring soaking pools.

    Complimentary daily towel and locker rental.

    + Ten shareable passes for 50% off daily entry fee.
    + 10% off food from Barefoot Grill and Springs Cafe.
    + 10% off drinks from The Canteen.
    + 10% off spa treatments Sunday - Thursday.

    Starting at: $36/month or $399/year

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  2. Unlimited Relaxation Terrace Membership

    Enhance your Unlimited Membership to the adults only Relaxation Terrace upgrade to unlock access to 24 pools including the VIP relaxation terrace.

    Includes ALL discounts and benefits of Unlimited Membership, including daily towel and locker rental, plus Relaxation Terrace access to 5 additional VIP soaking pools.

    Starting at: $46/month or $509/year

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